Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Search for the Perfect Wedding Dress

 Pretty much immediately after I got engaged, I started the process of looking for THE DRESS. Steven and I have made an agreement to do all of our wedding planning together; including him going dress shopping with me. Most people are appalled by this idea but it's OUR wedding and I can't think of anyone's opinion of the dress that matters more than him. However, when it comes to the final selection- I am going to make it on my own without telling ANYONE which dress I have chosen until the Wedding Day.
 Another thing that I have been surprised by is the fact that people consider me 'weird' for having tried on 50+ dresses and still not certain that I have found the one. I am not even close to being finished shopping. Ideally, I will try on every dress ever made and THEN make my decision. Obviously, I am not capable of trying on every wedding dress ever made. But, I WILL try on as many dresses as I feel necessary. From now on, I am going to lie to the consultants though and tell them I have only tried on a few- just to avoid being judged...
 If you have shopped for wedding dresses or are shopping from wedding dresses you probably know that not every place allows you to take pictures... Which I find ridiculous... How am I supposed to make an educated, informative decision about the most important dress I will ever wear with out a photo of me in it?! Dumb!
 Anyways, here are all of the dresses that I have tried on so far (and been allowed to photograph)...
 This was the first place that I went to try on dresses- and immediately decided that I really needed to start losing weight... I was not happy with how my body looked, but I am well on my way. I have lost 15lbs. since these photos. I am excited to get back in the ring and see if I am yet satisfied with how my body looks. 
I was pretty sure that I didn't want strapless going into this whole thing- but now I think that a strap just emphasizes my 'line backer shoulders'.

All pictures continue after the jump --

I also thought I liked the idea of lace... But I haven't loved any lace dress thus far. I feel like I look like a doily... Plus this one showed a little too much cleavage. 
I LOVE this dress. I love the pockets, and the cute little bow. It is probably one of the lightest and most comfortable dress that I have tried on- to date. BUT, I think that my body looks a lot better in the tighter mermaid style dresses. 
I LOVE this dress too. But, it was sooooooooo heavy. I was uncomfortable standing there with it on  my body for as little time as I had it on in the store- I can't imagine being able to wear it for hours at my wedding. Man, but boy is it gorgeous. Is being uncomfortable at your wedding worth the beauty of this dress? Or any dress?
I have been back to try this dress on twice since this picture was taken. There is something about it that I just love. It probably has something to do with the gorgeous little PINK flower detail on it. It's still in the running. And, I look better in it every time I try it on.
My issue with this dress is how the beading just stops and there is that plain band at the bottom. I feel like the designer got 99.9% finished with the dress and then just stopped. I don't understand why. 
My grandpap loves this dress and the next one the most. Which is something that is important enough to me. But, I think that I am too short to pull off the whole "ballgown" dress. 
I kept playing with the little flower on the waist band of this dress... It was pretty distracting (in a good way).
I really liked this one. I thought the shape was nice. The fabric was light but it felt a little cheap to me. And, I HATE pickups. But, like I said the shape was good and I feel like the bandage affect is super flattering.
Holy, WOWZA. This dress was AMAZING. But, we are having an outdoor, casual wedding and this was just a little too formal for what I had in mind. I think this is one of the most flattering dresses that I have tried on. 
Okay, so this dress was NOT my idea to try on. My consultant pulled it. And, I HATED it. It is just too dated and traditional. Though the corset back did make my waist look teeny tiny.
I felt like a pirate wench that had stood too close to the fire and had my dressed burnt in this one. Again, the corset did good things for my waist but what is with the gap of missing lace at the bottom?!
haaahahahahha. Yep.. That sums it up. This dress was really pretty and would be perfect for a country styled wedding. But it is NOT me AT ALL. It was amusing.
This dress is pretty gorgeous. I like it a lot. I felt like a cloud just floating around. And, I think the pink sash we added made me like it more. I just don't know if it is the most flattering on me. Am I too short? 
I think this one is a tad more flattering than the last one. And, it is one of my Grandma's favorite. I just feel self conscious about the little arm pit crease the one shoulder gives me. 
Bleeeeh. I really liked this one in photos... Then I put it on and this happened... I thought it was horrible.
Awww, this dress! It has a removable bottom (see picture below). And, I LOVE a short little dress. But, it was from the clearance rack which meant, I basically had to take it then and there because they weren't making any more.  Which I wasn't ready to do.
I mean... Can you imagine the cute shoes that I could pair this with?!
I thought this one was pretty flattering- BUT- I also thought I looked a little bit like a nun or an old school nurse.  So it was a no-go.
I like this dress a lot. I wish it had a sweat heart neckline though. And, I worry that it might be a little too normal and expected. I like to shock people. :)
Well, The Little Mermaid IS my favorite Disney movie. I'm just not sure I want to look like a mermaid on my wedding day. Fish scales and all.
Awe, this dress was precious. I felt like I really looked like a bride in it. The flower pedal affect isn't done justice in pictures... However, it was also a clearance dress that can't any longer be ordered so it got knocked off the list.
My friend said "Well, if you need to hide a baby bump- we know the perfect dress." True that. It also would be good for a beach wedding. But, I won't be either knocked up or getting married on the beach at my wedding. Not for me.
I mean... HELLO?!?!?! Do you know me? I LOVE pink. I LOVE this dress. I wouldn't be sad to get married in this dress. However, a lot of people (everyone EXCEPT my Grandma;shocker?!?, my traditional grandma says I can wear pink!) say that I HAVE to wear white... I am still weighing my options. But, I hear all of the arguments for wearing white. So, I guess we will see.
Everyone likes this dress. I used to.. Now, I don't anymore. The more I look at it- the more I think that it looks like I have plastic cups taped all over the dress. I do like the sweetheart neckline though. 
I really quite like this dress. I think it makes my body look long and lean. Who doesn't want that on their wedding day? I do... I just worry that this one looks a little more pagenty/prom-y than like a wedding dress? This one is still in the running.
This dress made me re-think this material that I previously hadn't liked much. The beading on the belt was INSANE. It put my engagement ring to shame- that might not be okay...
Oh, geez. I think I look like I have giant bell bottom clown pants on...I am a sucker for the two-fer dresses and this one was that. But, the cute lace shorter version wasn't enough to drown out the circus this made me look like I was involved in/
I really liked the way this looked... But did you see THAT?! ^ yeah... no.

This dress has a little bit of everything I was looking for. Flower detail- check. Sweetheart neckline- check. Mermaid style- check. A little bit of beading- check. 
I am confused about this one. I really like the flower detail (it's kind of my thing) But , I am unsure of the material- and if gives me a pooch in my lower belly, which I obviously don't want at my wedding. 
This one is up there on the list.. I LOVE it... I'm just not sure I really want to go away from the whole mermaid idea that I had in my brain. 
Little mermaid with some sparkle?! The neckline is nice and my waist is looking tiny. This is probably 5 lbs. into the weight loss.
If this dress didn't have pick ups- it might have had a chance.

 That's all I have for now... Which dress is your favorite? What did your wedding dress look like? Please share your opinions and pictures of your gown with me! I would LOVE to hear/see what you think/wore!

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