About Me

25 Random Things about me...
1. I HATE having 'Happy Birthday' sung to me... Seriously, it is the most awkward thing ever. Like, what am I supposed to do while everyone sits here and sings at me? 
2. I am a night owl and completely NOT a morning person.
3. I am a stay-at-home mom... With out the kids (yet). And, I LOVE it.
4. I am obsessed with television. Reality shows: RHOA, RHONJ, RHOBH, RHOOC, Big Brother are my favs. Sitcoms: Modern Family, Revenge, Parenthood, Gossip Girl, Downton Abbey, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy are my favs. But, we only have one television in our house and I am okay with that.
5. Cheeseburgers are my favorite food. And, I LOVE Pepsi... Though, I limit myself to soda only on the weekends which SUCKS but my waistline appreciates me for it.
6. I talk to my dog like she is a person... When she does something bad, I put her in time out and explain to her why she shouldn't do whatever it is. CRAAAAZY.
7. I hate socks. And, though I sometimes have to wear them when my feet are ice cold- I refuse to sleep in them.
8. I love reading books but don't consider myself well read. I haven't read many of the 'classics' but instead read things like Hunger Games or 50 Shades Of Grey (just to name a few recent ones).
9. I love moving. I am like a packing/unpacking machine. If we could buy a new house every 2 years I would be super happy about it. 
10. I am obsessed with HGTV and Food Network. I love cooking and finding new ideas for decorating my house.
11. I want 4 kids. Many people say that is a lot... But, I feel like 2 is too expected. I have a thing against 3 because I feel like 1 will always be ganged up on... So, four is my magic number.
12. I miss my family and friends in WV but never want to move back there.
13. I think being an aunt is the greatest thing ever, but don't get to see my niece and nephews even remotely close to enough for my liking.
14. I LOVE Christmas. Decorating for Christmas. Christmas Shopping. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Opening Christmas gifts. Christmas Music. Christmas movies... EVERYTHING about it.
15. I am musically challenged but wish I could play an instrument or sing.
16. I think being a personal shopper would be the best job ever. I LOVE shopping.
17. I am allergic to tomatoes and break out with a rash when I touch them... But, I can eat spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and ketchup with out breaking out. 
18. I HATE seeds. I don't eat a lot of fruit because I despise seeds. Seriously, gag.
19. I hate silence. I always have the TV or music on just for background noise. I even sleep with a sound machine on.
20. I think that my fiance is greater than any fiance, ever.
21. I love doing laundry, and get mad when someone else tries to do it in my house. 
22. I can't stand having naked nails. My nails are ALWAYS painted- if not in a color then they at least have clear on them. I feel trashy with out my nails painted.
23. I have a strange feeling that I am going to end up having all daughters. We can only agree on girls names, AND every nursery idea I have are all for girls... But, I REALLY want all boys because the drama of girls, and the difficulty of mother-daughter relationships scare the piss out of me.
24. Basketball first. Football second. But, I only like college and not pro. I think the only time that baseball should be watched is in person with a beer and a hot dog. 
25. I have the craziest dreams. Crazy, crazy, crazy dreams. Freak me out dreams.