Friday, October 5, 2012


 Our master bedroom closet wall was super boring- but since it is taken up of about 98% closet doors there is not much space to do anything else with it. My solution? Buy wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and cover them with an ombre(ish) affect of yarn. This was a super easy, super cheap product that gave that boring wall some much needed personality. 
 All it took was a few little dabs of hot glue, and some yarn. If your budget is SUPER tight you could probably get away with using just one roll of yarn for all of the letters (as I have A TON of yarn left over). I just started at the end of the letter put a little dab of hot glue the end of the yarn on it and started winding it around. So simple. So cute. Right up this girls alley. 
 Here is the outcome...
Cute and easy... The first thing I see every morning.

 What would you do with such a tiny space? Also, lately I have been thinking about painting the stark white doors and trim in this room... What do you think? I am not sure why I am so intimidated by the idea of this... For real, it's just a little bit of paint! But, yet, there is something super scary about it to me. 

Thankful text...
 Today, I am thankful for my iPhone. Seriously, it is my right hand man. I can do everything on this little handy thing. Skeptics, get over your skepticism- it IS the greatest phone ever. It allows me to have a camera always on hand to snap adorable, spur of the moment pictures. It allows me to read my emails in bed. It allows me to play solitaire every single night to soothe me to sleep. It allows me to text and constantly keep in contact with family that I miss dearly from back home. It allows me to have HILARIOUS text conversations with my sister-in-law daily. Get adorable pictures of my niece and nephews... I can facebook stalk. Check my twitter. And, even keep track of my period. Iphone... You really are the bees knees. And, I LOVE you!
Thankful image...
Icalender on the day we got engaged, framed by my ring and my trusted mug of coffee.

 In theme with my iphone being what I am thankful, I decided he needed to be the picture... But, just a photo of an iphone is not that exciting. So, I thought I would make it more meaningful by loading the calender up set to the date we got engaged framed by my phone and to include my beloved mug of coffee with the inspiration I read every day. Today's things may seem a bit shallow, but, I think we all are allowed to be shallow every now and again. These things ARE things I am thankful for every day. 

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