Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Football Saturday

 Yesterday, was a super busy but fun day. We went to the IU/Michigan State game and tailgated with friends. It was really fun. It was a noon kick- so we started our day with shots of tequila and cinnamon rolls at 9AM. IU football games are really disappointing compared to the atmosphere I grew up with at Mountaineer Field (aka Milan Puskar Stadium). However, we still had a ton of fun tailgating, sitting in the front row, and cheering on the Hoosiers. It had been disgusting and raining here ALL day on Friday so we weren't sure that the weather would cooperate for us to attend the game on Saturday, however, it cleared right up and turned into a great day for watching football. I even got a little sunburnt! Good times, good drinks, good food, good friends, and good football. An all around good day! 

 Here are some pictures from the day...
We were standing across the street from the student tailgate section for a few minutes to watch all of their chaos and these Michigan State fans started having a wedding ceremony right beside us... It was so random and cute. After they were pronounced man and wife all of their friends broke into singing their fight song. 
A little up close football action.
Me and one of my besties... Clearly she was EXCITED! :) 
Me and my adorable fiance. Who is having a birthday today! Happy Birthday, Steven.
I liked how the clouds were framing the press box! Beautiful sky. 
Our good friend working the sideline.
A little tailgating fun (right before the random wedding). Those bottles were  probably not meant for margarita's however they worked wonderfully for that purpose this day!

 Once, that game was over we decided to pick up pizzas on the way home. Came back to our house, ate pizza, then napped until 6:30. Woke up, changed from red to gold and blue and all watched the Mountaineer game. Which was SUPER exciting. Texas is my #1 hated school in the country so beating them felt sooo good. Plus, it was nice to clutch a W on our first road win ever in the Big 12. Obviously, so far we are having a great season- and I hope it keeps going our way. 1 W- 1 week at a time! 
 Obviously, all of this didn't leave much time for any projects or anything this weekend. But, it felt nice to take the weekend off and let our hair down a little. Last night, I came down with a stomach bug and am still not feeling very well. I intend to spend today curled up on the couch with the remote in hand... I will make my hubby a birthday dinner and cake in a little while. But, his birthday gift hasn't been delivered yet so we will have to wait until it gets here to have the gift celebration. 
Thankful text...
 Today, I'd like to dedicate my thankful text to College Football. It comes in and offers us great entertainment for about 13 weeks. We love spending the cooler Saturdays that come along when football season does sitting on the couch enjoying food and football. Obviously, I am a Mountaineer fan for LIFE. I was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. And, my fiance was born and raised a couple hours up the road. We love our Mountaineers. I am typically more of a basketball girl- but this year our super explosive offense has made it super fun and exciting to watch so I am pretty into football this year. We also support the Indiana Hoosiers, because my fiance is getting 2 degrees from here. However, their football program is a little lacking. But, we still support them nonetheless...

Thankful image...
 See the pictures above... I was thankful to have a nice, warm, wonderful day with friends and football.

I am super excited to watch Revenge and the RHONJ Reunion tonight. I LOVE Sunday evening TV. Let's goooo Mountaineers! I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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