Sunday, September 23, 2012


 Usually, I work on some sort of project over the weekend. Yesterday, I worked some more on organizing our office. Steven's sister had lived with us for a while and recently moved out. So, I'm just now in the process of moving all of the stuff back into that room and trying to decorate it. More on that later..
 Today's project is what the focus of this post is going to be about. 
 This morning we headed out with a list of yard sales and my newly update iPhone to get us from address to address. That's what we intended anyways...
 First stop. Starbucks, to get me my typical Chai Tea Latte (Venti, I don't mess around when it comes to those!). My newly updated phone was supposed to head us off into a morning full of funky, cheap finds. It decided to not cooperate as expected and the yard sales (a grand total of 2) that we did manage to find were all a bust. We then tried to stop at this antique store that I have been wanting to check out for awhile but they were closed! Wah-wah-wah. We didn't even get out of the car once. 
 What to do to turn a pointless morning into something productive? Food. Obvi. Decided to get breakfast/lunch at this tiny, little, local restaurant. It was good- so the morning wasn't a total bust. 
 When we got home I decided to tackle making a digital version of my closet (something that has been on my mind for awhile now). Or as close as I could to it. I had been hearing/reading things about and was not let down about all of the greatness I was anticipating. I think it will be helpful keeping track of what I have, outfits that I can make, and things I really want to buy to make new outfits. Though, I couldn't find exact replicas of many of my pieces (unfortunately I don't have the ability to buy a brand new wardrobe every season, imagine that) due to some of them being not so brand new, there was usually a pretty similar version of every piece I own. Some of the things are closer than others. Some of the replicas I managed to find are more expensive than probably my ENTIRE wardrobe  But, overall it was a success. 
 Here is the progress I've made so far...
 Here is the digital remake of what I wore today...
 And, here is what I actually wore today..

I have since changed into much comfier and less-cute sweatpants and hoodie. 

Where'd I get it? 
     The Jeans: Old Navy (currently on sale for $19) 
      the scarf: Charlotte Russe, (similar here)
      the jacket: Chelsea Cambell via local vintage store $13 (similar hereor here
      shirt: Nautica via TJMaxx (similar here)
      belt: Merona via Target (here),          
      flats: Mossimo via Target (here)

 Next time I will remember to take a picture of the outfit on (which I hope looks much better than it does laying on my new rug). But it's pretty close.. Right? Except the scarf. Polyvore doesn't have a great selection of scarfs. 

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