Saturday, September 29, 2012

Movie Night Outfit

 Last night, Steve, my friend, and I went to see Trouble With the Curve. It was pretty good. However, I LOVE Clint Eastwood, so I may be a little biased. He reminds me so much of my Grand-pap Timer who is passed away. Anytime, I can watch a Clint Eastwood movie I feel like I am getting to spend 2 hours with him. Precious to me. 
 Here  is the digital copy of the outfit that I wore last  tonight...
 And, here is actually what I actually wore...
Outfit. The jeans look super orange in this photo- but they are REALLY red.

Necklace. My Mama was on the phone with me. We HAD to leave for the movie so this is as good of a photo as I had time to take. Sorry, it's so blurry!

My cute leopard flats. 
 I was wearing my normal watch and two bracelets that I always wear. 

Where'd I get it?

The jeans: Mossimo via Target (here)
the shirt: Old Navy (here)
the shoes: Target (here)
necklace: Target (on clearance rack)
watch: Kohl's
bracelets: old gifts

 This weekend I am going to be working on re-finishing our 'new' desk for the office, going pumpkin shopping, painting pumpkins, and going shopping for storage containers. Right now, I am going to go watch the Mountaineers play in there first Big 12 game EVER! Which is pretty exciting!
 Let's Gooo Mountaineers! Have a great weekend!

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