Friday, September 28, 2012

Under Construction

 I am currently (well my awesome friend, Hilary) is currently customizing the look of my blog. I am basically giving her guidelines and she is running the show. I SUCK at this whole design/linking process. I am lucky to have a friend that is web savvy because "I don't even know what a widget is!"
 So, please don't be turned away by the aesthetics while we get it all 'twerked out. 
 It's going to be AWESOME when it is finished... You'll just have to have trust and wait and see!

 Today, I haven't blogged anything because I have been busy reorganizing my kitchen cabinets/drawers. I have 3 drawers finished and basically, 3 cabinets. Then, I got stalled by hunger and decided to take a break, eat a taco salad, and do a little work on the blog. I probably won't get back to it tonight; as I am going to the movies with my fiance and friend. But, it WILL be accomplished by this time next week. I swear my kitchen is the most unorganized place in my house; this MUST be rectified. I am typically SUPER Type-A... I even fold my panties! But, for some reason when it comes to the kitchen- it's not so much. It probably has something to do with the fact that a. I DESPISE grocery shopping and putting groceries away b. it isn't consistently the same items that have a designated place, and c. because I am not the only one who uses these spaces and when it comes to organization, I am the only type-A in the household.
 Anyway, here is are a few pictures of the process so far...
This is as much of a junk drawer as there is in our house.

But now it is organized! I am obsessed with zip-lock baggies!

This was probably the WORST place in the house.. What a mess!


I put all of the Tupperware lids in bags to keep them from separating and going all over the place.

Our pantry cabinet before...

And, the other side.

Mess made a long the way. Good thing we Recycle so all of that is not going into a landfill!

Pantry cabinet after. I am going to buy some wire baskets for the potatoes and onions.

And the other side. We end up with a lot of random little food items that are easy to throw in a lunch. I put the fruit snacks in an old dishwasher tablet container (I am going to cover the container and label it so it looks better in the future) and all of the breakfast bars are in an emptied sugar donuts box (which I will also cover). I am also intending to get 3 airtight containers to store the cereal in so it is better organized. 

 I pretty much just tried to consolidate and put like objects together. I feel like wasting money on a bunch of cute storage containers is dumb when you already have things lying around that will work. Don't be wasteful... Use what you already have! 

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