Monday, September 24, 2012

Engagement Ring Appraisal Day

 Today I had to drop of my beloved engagement ring to be appraised. I already feel naked with out it but, thankfully, it only has to be gone until Thursday. I decided to try on a 5 carat 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds- it made me swoon. 

Here is the digital copy of what I wore... 

 Here is actually what I wore... 
Steven made a comment that I shouldn't use my iPhone for pictures anymore.. So I used our regular camera for once howeverr my phone camera is so much more convenient because I always have it on hand.. 

Neck candy


Arm candy
  Where'd I get it? 

 The Jeans: Old Navy (here)
 the shirt: Old Navy (here)
 the shoes: Candies from Khol's (similar here)
 the necklace: Target (similar here)
 the watch: Kohl's (similar here)
 the bracelet and bangle: gifts from a long time ago 

 I have checked my finger for my engagement ring and had to mentally remind myself it was not lost soo many times since posting this. I can't wait to get it back!

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