Monday, September 24, 2012

Recently Engaged.

 Steven and I are recently engaged. It happened on May 24, 2012, if you want to be precise. However, Steven claims it was the 25th. Technically, he is right (don't tell him that!)... But, only because it was after midnight when he popped the question. Since we hadn't yet been to bed on the 24th I consider it to be that day. 
 How'd he do it? I feel like that is a normal thing most people ask so here is how it went down. We live about 7 hours from where we are from and where we met (which was in a bar, classy, right?!). We had planned to go home and spend Memorial Day Weekend at cookouts with our families. Ended up leaving our house sometime in the evening and didn't end up making it to my parents house until a little after midnight. He had previously called, told my parents his plan, and asked for their permission (cute and old school, huh?! He's a keeper.) After 7 hours in the car, with our dog, we got there. We were all out on their back patio area and he got down on one knee and made this beautiful, heartfelt speech to me. Then popped the question. 
 We had been planning on getting engaged and talking about it for awhile. So, I pretty much expected it to be happening. However, in the moment I was overwhelmed with emotion, turned around (away from the camera he had requested my Mom to have handy to take snaps), and burst into tears. That reaction caught me completely off guard. As, I am NOT a crier, typically. You can find a picture from the moment on my first post. 
 I feel a request to see the ring is the next thing people say...
 Here it is...
It was apparently custom made for a jewelry show so I should be the only one ever to have it. I love how different and vintage it looks.

 We had been ring shopping together for awhile. We wanted to try on different styles and cuts to make sure I got something that I would really like. Which I recommend everyone doing. Trying on a bunch of rings with your soon-to-be fiance is so exciting and fun. It definitely added to the whole process of getting engaged.
 Here are the other rings that I liked when shopping... Which one would you have picked? 
This is the original dream ring that I had been eyeing online FOREVER, but it didn't end up winning.
I liked this one but it was a little too simple and common for my liking.
This one ended up making it into the top 3 and I still think about it. So classic and gorgeous!
Pretty cute.
This is another one that made it into the top 3. I loved how different it was. Still thinking about this one too.
This one got the ax pretty early on. I liked the size of the diamond but I felt like it was too chunky and made my fingers look fatter than they already are!
I liked this one. But, ended up kicking it out of the running because I was worried that the band was too thin.
I liked this one a lot. But I feel like it is a really common and popular ring that a lot of people have. Which was what ended up kicking it out of the running.
Again, this one got kicked off the list pretty early for the same reason that it was too chunky and made my hand look huge.

I still can't believe that I am engaged to be married to the man of my dreams. He is so supportive, kind, level headed, responsible, and sexy. Just to name a few. I hit the husband jackpot! I can't wait to marry, spend the rest of our lives together, and raise a family with my very best friend. He is the best guy I've ever met. Truuueee love. :)

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