Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Too busy to blog

 Lately, I have been too busy to sit down at the computer for 5 minutes to check my email- let alone fuss with this blog. Which is pretty depressing but at the same time productive. Here are a few points just to catch you up... Nothing productive so don't feel the need to force yourself to read these ramblings...

 1. Broken Dishwasher- Our dishwasher is STILL broken. Which blows big chunks. It has lead to us eating out/eating fast food a lot which is taking a toll on the well being of my stomach. I don't know how people can stand eating fast food frequently. It makes me horribly ill. Bleh. This has also led to a $130 bill for the repair. The part that we need to have it fixed is only 40 bucks but the twerp company is charging us a whopping $75 dollars for labor. Screw that. He was at my house for seriously 5 minutes to figure out the problem. Highway ROBBERY. the most expensive 5 minutes of my life... Anyway, hopefully the part will be in this week and all will be right in the world again. As far as eating out- no more. I went to the grocery store yesterday and will start cooking homemade meals again tonight (Salmon with Artichokes is on the menu tonight- I'll blog the recipe after it is made- depending on if it is worthy.)

 2. I became and Aunt again for the 4th time on Sunday. It is such a wonderful experience to be an aunt. I am sad that we live so far away and haven't been able to meet the little guy yet. But, we will rectify that shortly. And, even though I haven't met the third little guy yet- I love him already. I look forward to having yet another member in this growing family and making memories with him. He has the greatest parents and will certainly have a life filled with love. They probably have one of the best relationships that I have ever witnessed so he can be inspired by their love and compatibility as he grows. Our family is blessed with 4 healthy, happy babies. (All under 3- better jump on the baby train while it is in the station!) :)

 3. I went and spend a few hours of 'me' time yesterday. I decided to spend it wedding dress shopping and JUST might have found the one. I didn't think to take any pictures for some odd reason- but it is AMAZING. I rescheduled an appointment the day after Christmas when my family will be here so I can go try it on for them. I am excited. Also- I am thrilled to announce that my weight loss attempts have paid off. I looked sooo much better in the wedding gowns and should be just about perfect after 5 more pounds. Hard work and sacrifice has paid off when it has come to this so I just need to find the motivation to keep on working out and getting the last 5 or so pounds off me. You'd think that would be motivation enough but so far it hasn't been. Anyone know of any good workouts for the rib/bust/upper back region? That is the area that is left that needs the most work. 

 Okay, well my dog is barking because she needs to go out- of course because I just painted my nails. Never fails! I promise to try to get better about blogging regularly. I have some pretty great sounding menus lined up for the next few days so assuming all goes well I will have some new recipes to post about. Enjoy your life!

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