Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gma J's Chili

 I have this dream of having a big family Sunday dinner- every Sunday. Unfortunately, we don't live near enough to our blood families to make this happen. So, I have started the tradition with a few of our neighbor friends. It is a good time for us all to get together, share laughs, and talk. 

 Steve and I often find ourselves having regret about deciding to buy a townhouse versus a single family home. But, when I get to thinking about it- I wouldn't change that decision for anything in the world... Except maybe a giant mansion on 2 acres... Joking... Kind of. See, if it weren't for us having moved into a town house and forcefully having to be literally so close to our neighbors we might not be so close to our neighbors. Since we didn't know ANYONE here having people right outside our door forces us to interact and get to know our neighbors. And, this I am thankful for. Our neighbors have become our family away from family. We are super close with 2 households and acquaintances with a lot of others. Our direct neighbors that we share a front porch with is a family of 5 and the people across the driveway is a woman and her roommate are the people that have become our family. We were grateful to get such amazing neighbors... I know some people aren't so lucky.

 Anyways, this Sunday I decided to host a family dinner with our 2 neighbors across the driveway, and their dog, my God-Daughter. I have been wanting to make my grandmothers chili forever- but Steve isn't a big fan of soup so I knew that in order for me to make a big pot (which she always does) that I would need to recruit some help eating it. It turned out as good as my Grandma's and it was COMPLETELY gone. Yeah, 4 people ate an ENTIRE pot of chili. It even got called the best chili ever by one of our guests.

 Here is the recipe...

G-ma J's Chili
1.5 packet of McCormick's chili seasoning (Grandma says she uses one regular and a half of a spicy packet- but our grocery store was out of spicy so I went all regular)
 1/2 green pepper
 3/4 onion
 1.5 lb. ground beef
 1 can kidney beans
 1 can spicy chili beans
 1.5 can Tomato sauce

Season the ground beef (with salt and pepper) and brown in large pot over medium high heat. Once browned, add the finely chopped green pepper and onion. Let the veggies soften then add 1.5 packet of chili seasoning. Mix thoroughly. Let sit for a few minutes then add the beans and tomato sauce. Stir and let cook until it comes to a boil. Turn down the heat and allow to simmer until ready to serve.

 I made my chili around 2 and left it cooking/simmering until about 3:15. Then I covered with a lid and turned off the heat and let sit until about 25-30 minutes before we were ready to eat at 7. Grandma said the longer that it can sit the better it is because the seasoning seeps into the beans. Which is why I made it so early. It was delicious. 

 If I would have been thinking I would have served baked potatoes on the side. But, that idea didn't come about until we were sitting down at dinner. It would have been amazing to put the chili and some cheese in a baked potato. Oh well, next time! 

 Well, the secret is out of the bag on the world's best chili... Make it and let me know how it turns out! 

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