Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween! This day just wasn't what it used to be anymore. I don't have any cute kids to take Trick-Or-Treating, am too old to go Trick-Or-Treating on my own, and am also too old to dress in barely no clothes and go tramping around on High Street. Steve is/has been super busy with a big assignment for school. We have been hunkered down and all playing "support Daddy" while he has been getting his work done. One more hour to get it turned in and then I have a feeling that he will be ready for a long little nap. 
 No more rambling. It all has a purpose though!

 I don't even know when Trick Or Treating is here. Last year we had one kid and sat on the porch in the freezing cold for hours waiting. So, I am not going to get worked up about it this year. I have a bowl of candy if anyone decides to stop by. What I DO have is my cute little puppy girl. She honestly does love to be dressed up and 'made pretty' with hair bows (as you can obviously tell from the photographs). But incase I need to say this... No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

 Enjoy what you are about to witness. :)

She was so excited when I got her costume out of her drawer. She followed me around until I put it on her.

Then she wanted to wear a pretty bow in her hair. :)

Being a total poser.

"More pictures, Mama?"

She thinks she is cute. And, she is right!

After the photo shoot she went and laid in her spot for a nap using the rug as a blankie, duh.

The tutu is so cute when she walks it bounces around.

She was up late last night so she's REAL tired.

Being cute.


Sassy wanted in on the action. It's Halloween, what more do I need than a black cat and a ballerina pup?

Ready for dance class, Princess?

Striking one last pose.

 So, I hope everyone has as Happy of a Halloween as we are having here! I also wanted to send some positive vibes towards everyone affected  by the Frankenstorm, Hurricane Candy. 

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