Thursday, September 27, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

So, since starting I have started a blog I have been looking at other blogs more often. Last night I found this wonderful blog that had a bunch of mantles decorated for fall. Unfortunately, our house is fireplaceless so I have no mantle to decorate. :( But, we do have a lot of shelves in our living room that are begging to be decorated. I had a set of little orange plastic pumpkins that just weren't doing it for me. I found a pictures of pumpkins painted cream with thanks painted on them. I thought it was such a great idea (and I have been super obsessed with paint lately) that I decided to give it a try... Now I need to go buy more pumpkins so I can paint them- I love the look. It was super easy. I used acrylic paint, (I mixed white, a dab of yellow, and a dab of brown to get a cream color) and painted them with a sponge brush. Before painting I wrote the letters on each of the pumpkin with a sharpie. When painting I tried to go close to the line but still leave the letter area unpainted (which I went back in and traced with a green acrylic that I had leftovers of from another project and the tiniest brush I had).
Here is the outcome...

 I think that they turned out pretty cute and defiantly make more of in impacts all put together rather than spread out. Who doesn't love a free, quick, easy project. 
 Apparently, flag banners are all the rage right now... They are pretty cute... So, I might try to tackle one later to hang from the shelf that says GIVING. 

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