Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Accent Wall

I mean.. Who doesn't love a teal accent wall? Other than my fiance. He hates it... But guess what? He didn't paint it AND the kicker? I painted two color swatches on the wall for him to choose from and left them up there for MONTHS-- HE choose the final color. The teal wall isn't going anywhere.. Obviously, I don't need to write a tutorial for taping and painting a wall, right? I just thought maybe people would like to see it. And, I guess maybe if EVERYONE hates it- I could change it...
Here is what it looked like before...
Sooo boring!
And, this is what it looks like now...
Decorated for fall. But the pumpkins and candle holders aren't big enough to be seen!

 It also went through a few transitions in between. My household has really bad luck with lamps. They get broken- or I decide that I hate them pretty regularly.

I've also been known to just up and rearrange the furniture on a whim... I warned you- I am random. 

 So, what do you think? Is the teal wall a good thing? Or a bad thing? Let me know what you think!

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